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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Vampires' Christmas Love

Here are the teaser photos of our recently conducted Pre-Xmas presentation for our Korean friends. (It will be updated later.):p

Blushes from

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newly Polished Nails in Rainy Days!

How are you these days? Were yourselves ready before this strong rain and typhoon came? Well as for me, I was and I am not. But, it was cool wake up-"ing" with breezing noise and hushing sound of rain outside, right?. kkkkk. And the good news above them all is to know that the classes were suspended. Yahoooooooo!! It's time to retrieve back the lack of sleep I had. Yeah!! (But I was very gloomy and sad when I found what happened to the other parts of our country especially to our kababayans). :(
Moving on, I thought I was able to finish several of my unfinished reports because I had a very vacant schedule today but I was not (as always....why am I like this?) 
And you what did I do??? Me? I just slouched, lay down, rolled on my bed and MANICURE!! kkkkk. You wanna see what I did?? Well, I wont show you..kkk.kidding. Just scroll down your mouse. Thank you.


Atfirst I thought on using the cute stars (I used it on my middle finger) I bought in a "tiangge" store but I ended up  using my only two nail polish..kkkk which is yellow and and blue velvet color. Heehee. I just tried to use the stick I bought at HBC 'cause I don't know what is that for. It just came on my mind to use this stick like a drawing tool. So I just used it to make dots on my yellow painted nails.  This is inspired by a dice ('though our fingers are only five). kkkk.

These are the things. that I used. Yellow nail polish from San San, blue velvet nail polish from Caronia, cue stars from tiangge and the sticks I was talking about. :) (SORRY FOR THE blurry pic :)

And this is my right hand. Sorry for the smudgy sides T.T I am not good in putting nail polish using my left hand.

Since I got newly polished nails, my Korean roommate Jisu did another one for her nails using these population of nail playfuls:

She just used maybe four to five colors here + base coat and quick dry.

My roommate Jisu nail playfuls are mostly Korean products (ofcourse she is a Korean) from THE FACESHOP, ETUDE HOUSE, NATUREPUBLIC and NHM. I ask her if each brand has different price but she said its the same. :) And look what she made:

Amazing, right?? I watched her from she started until she finished it. 
Droooooooooooollll. :)

I ask her why there's a "isolated" finger (nagsosolo), she said that is a point finger. :)
Me: Okay...

After everything it seemed that we had our different worlds. Just put a imaginary wall between us and we were. :) Isn't it??

Spot where I am and write a comment here. :)


PS. Sorry for the late post, there's not enough power supply even if we were using a generator. :(

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Musical made me Cry

This post is another doze of being a fangirl of mine. :) For this day, I haven't done a productive output (as if I am not like this most of the time..kkkk) :) As for me, I consider a productive thing as productive if it is related to acads (How about you?). Yes I am still a student in my junior year. 
Moving on, I just wanna share what I did that is more likely interestingly to be shared. :)
As what my title is all about I watched the currently airing Korean drama series "The Musical"

Can you recognize the girl at the middle? Yes its Geum Jan Di from the popular drama series Boys over Flowers Korean Version. describes this drama as a "musical drama about the dreams and love of musical actors". Yes, Jandi (Go Hye Sun in real life) has that talent also. Aside from it, she is also an artist, director, composer, swimmer and have other hidden talents that we'll gonna be surprised to know.

Episode three is the latest that I've watched and this talks a lot of reaching a seemed to be impossible dream. I quoted this drama as inspiring because it tackles the long way towards our desires and aspirations. Honestly, it broke my heart when the lead actress started to meet the difficulties and hindrances as you will see if you watch ep3.

I'll post here the teasers of the drama and see if you like:


You can watch the full episodes at
and at

Till then,
PS. Jan di is very cute here especially when she dressed-up like a boy. :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Confetti, Confetti How dare you.

Day by day, you seemed to get to know me more because of the different stuffs I have been posting here. For now, I'll introduce you the fangirling side of me. Yeah! I am a KPOP addict. I won't hesitant to tell it because, I really am. So for those who are also a fan girl like me - then we are fangirls, right?. LOL. Addict. :)

Davichi, a Korean female duo who debuted in 2008. They are Lee Hae-ri

and Kang Min-Kyung

They were tagged to have an angel-like voice and I bet they are.
Last Wednesday, they performed at M! Countdown (a Korean music show) and some witty sitution happened and it is related to the tittle of this post. :) Watch their performance below. 
The confetti(s) interfered on their performance and see how they handled the situation. Such cute. Right, we can just laugh on our own mistakes.
How professional they are when they did apologize to what had happened.

An article from allkpop states that:

On the 22nd, Kang Min Kyoung of Davichi apologized via her Twitter and apologized for their recent performance on M! Countdown. She stated, “One of the confetti pieces got in Haeri’s mouth and she couldn’t breathe. Although we tried to cover it up and continue singing, we couldn’t… we’re really sorry.”
Shortly thereafter, fellow member Lee Haeri publicly apologized for their mistake as well by stating, “I don’t know why this kind of stuff keeps happening when we sing this one song. When we sing, the confetti always interferes. We’re really sorry.”
Near the end of their performance, Lee Haeri couldn’t sing and missed a few stanzas because a piece of confetti got blown into her throat. Kang Min Kyoung saw what had happened and exploded in laughter on stage with her fellow member.
Netizens were understanding as they commented, “It’s okay, just confetti“, “It made it more memorable“, and “It was funny“.



There have been a lot of issues, controversies, disputes, concerns etc. circling around our campus these past few days (and even then). Although, I am not yet familiar with these issues wholly I heard a lot of opinions from different types of students. Ofcourse there would be a partition of comments and views but somehow there will come a point that they will meet at one.

By the way, I am a Junior student from the University of the Philippines - Los Banos and yesterday, I have witnessed the student joint forces as they waveringly hold their conviction and fought for it.

WALK-OUT. The students left their classes to join the rally.

CENTER. They gathered infront of the CAS Bldg and hold their banners.

SHOUT. UP Palaban Makabayan!!
PREPARE. This was the first time I saw that a bunch of students joined a rally here at UPLB.

 PaaYONG. Although it was hot, students were sincerely devoted to what they were up to. 

 BLACK and RED. Scary may it looks but this is how these students show their objection.


More pictures here

Photos taken by: Jamie Kris Mendoza

Till then,

Friday, September 23, 2011

Better Late than Never

I have heard a lot about this lady. They said she is a bubbly person. They said that being with her wouldn't make your day dull even if it is just the two of you. Although I haven't met her I think all these things about her are true. She had done several charitable activities to a foundation and I read it on her blog. And above all she is still giving a lot of birthday give-aways for her blog readers even if her birthday had passed  already. I bet you I've been a loyal fan reader of her blog since I discover it. :)

So now, I'll be reposting her biggest birthday give-away. So join! By the way, You only have 20minutes before it will end. So good luck!

Big Birthday Giveaway!

I know it's super delayed, but here's my birthday giveaway finale--finally!!! It's also a great way to start the newmonth don't you think?:) I wanna thank a lot of brands who sponsored this giveaway and my past giveaways. May God bless your kind hearts. :)

The mechanics will be a little hard for this one since the prizes are AMAZING. Well, same old same old, add my sponsors on facebook, multiply & twitter. But I tell you it's all worth it. Here's what you guys could win...
1st prize
PLETHORA SHOP geometric dress, VANTAN MANILA romper, ANAGON fringe necklace, FASHIONEGGPLANT turbans

IMPULSE CO satchel bag, IAMGIRLIE checkered dress, love ring & shell necklace, EXTREMEFINDS chain necklace, CROW feather earrings, FREEWAY shirt, REDRACKS polka vest, F-STOP purple dress, BENCH P1K GCs, NUAT THAI GCs (2pcs), MANELS P600 GCs

1 LORYS haircream bottle (photo grabbed from Brigitte!)



1 POSH NAILS foot spa GC  and 1 Misa nailpolish

1 pair of shoes from ICHIGO

2nd Prize
TEETAG knit vest, IAMGIRLIE oversized shirt & blue feather earrings, TRINKETS ROYALE feather accessories, MARIS necklace, ANAGON fringe necklace, FREEWAY shirt, BENCH P1K GCs, NUAT THAI GCs (2pcs), MANELS P600 GCs

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1 bottle of LORYS hair cream (sample photo only)



1 POSH NAILS foot spa GC  and 1 Misa nailpolish


1 pair of shoes from PILL footwear 
3rd Prize 
 VANTAN MANILA sequined top, TRAVELING CLOSET highwaist shorts w/ belt, FUNKY PLUM VINTAGEmultiway top, FASHIONEGGPLANT turban, MARIS feather earring, PLETHORA SHOP dress, MON PETIT yellow top, F-STOP multicolored dress, FREEWAY shirt, BENCH P1K GCs, NUAT THAI GCs (2pcs), MANELS P600 GCs

GOLDDOT Amelia bag

Chilli Margarita GC

1 bottle of LORYS hair cream (sample photo only)



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1 pair of shoes from PILL footwear 
4th Prize 
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1 POSH NAILS foot spa GC  and 1 Misa nailpolish


1 pair of shoes from PILL footwear

 FLATTERING TOPS snakeprint shirt, ANAGON fringe necklace & beaded bracelet, TRINKETS ROYALE feather necklace + ASIANVOGUE GC worth P1500 (or $35, shipping of item should be paid my buyer)


By the way, I am referring to Ms. AISA IPAC and this giveaway was hers. Click this link so that you can join. 

Goodluck to us. :)