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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Musical made me Cry

This post is another doze of being a fangirl of mine. :) For this day, I haven't done a productive output (as if I am not like this most of the time..kkkk) :) As for me, I consider a productive thing as productive if it is related to acads (How about you?). Yes I am still a student in my junior year. 
Moving on, I just wanna share what I did that is more likely interestingly to be shared. :)
As what my title is all about I watched the currently airing Korean drama series "The Musical"

Can you recognize the girl at the middle? Yes its Geum Jan Di from the popular drama series Boys over Flowers Korean Version. describes this drama as a "musical drama about the dreams and love of musical actors". Yes, Jandi (Go Hye Sun in real life) has that talent also. Aside from it, she is also an artist, director, composer, swimmer and have other hidden talents that we'll gonna be surprised to know.

Episode three is the latest that I've watched and this talks a lot of reaching a seemed to be impossible dream. I quoted this drama as inspiring because it tackles the long way towards our desires and aspirations. Honestly, it broke my heart when the lead actress started to meet the difficulties and hindrances as you will see if you watch ep3.

I'll post here the teasers of the drama and see if you like:


You can watch the full episodes at
and at

Till then,
PS. Jan di is very cute here especially when she dressed-up like a boy. :)


Sharon said...

I think this drama will be my next prospect to watch for. Jan di is really cute. She doesn't seem to grow older. Your blog is nice!

teen-teen said...

Hi atey!! Hekhek. You'll feel full blast of different feelings here. Heehee. Anu daw? Basta panourin mo na lang. Chua Chua <3
I am waiting for the next episode.

Diane said...

yay! i so want to watch this.. thanks for sharing.

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let me know your thoughts about it.

teen-teen said...

Welcome Ms. Diane. :)

Props affiliate program?? I don't know about it but this sounds good. I hope to know more about it. Thanks.

Diane said...

visit my site.. i made a post about it ^^
thank you sis.. super easy lang.
you just need to email them.