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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Confetti, Confetti How dare you.

Day by day, you seemed to get to know me more because of the different stuffs I have been posting here. For now, I'll introduce you the fangirling side of me. Yeah! I am a KPOP addict. I won't hesitant to tell it because, I really am. So for those who are also a fan girl like me - then we are fangirls, right?. LOL. Addict. :)

Davichi, a Korean female duo who debuted in 2008. They are Lee Hae-ri

and Kang Min-Kyung

They were tagged to have an angel-like voice and I bet they are.
Last Wednesday, they performed at M! Countdown (a Korean music show) and some witty sitution happened and it is related to the tittle of this post. :) Watch their performance below. 
The confetti(s) interfered on their performance and see how they handled the situation. Such cute. Right, we can just laugh on our own mistakes.
How professional they are when they did apologize to what had happened.

An article from allkpop states that:

On the 22nd, Kang Min Kyoung of Davichi apologized via her Twitter and apologized for their recent performance on M! Countdown. She stated, “One of the confetti pieces got in Haeri’s mouth and she couldn’t breathe. Although we tried to cover it up and continue singing, we couldn’t… we’re really sorry.”
Shortly thereafter, fellow member Lee Haeri publicly apologized for their mistake as well by stating, “I don’t know why this kind of stuff keeps happening when we sing this one song. When we sing, the confetti always interferes. We’re really sorry.”
Near the end of their performance, Lee Haeri couldn’t sing and missed a few stanzas because a piece of confetti got blown into her throat. Kang Min Kyoung saw what had happened and exploded in laughter on stage with her fellow member.
Netizens were understanding as they commented, “It’s okay, just confetti“, “It made it more memorable“, and “It was funny“.



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