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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newly Polished Nails in Rainy Days!

How are you these days? Were yourselves ready before this strong rain and typhoon came? Well as for me, I was and I am not. But, it was cool wake up-"ing" with breezing noise and hushing sound of rain outside, right?. kkkkk. And the good news above them all is to know that the classes were suspended. Yahoooooooo!! It's time to retrieve back the lack of sleep I had. Yeah!! (But I was very gloomy and sad when I found what happened to the other parts of our country especially to our kababayans). :(
Moving on, I thought I was able to finish several of my unfinished reports because I had a very vacant schedule today but I was not (as always....why am I like this?) 
And you what did I do??? Me? I just slouched, lay down, rolled on my bed and MANICURE!! kkkkk. You wanna see what I did?? Well, I wont show you..kkk.kidding. Just scroll down your mouse. Thank you.


Atfirst I thought on using the cute stars (I used it on my middle finger) I bought in a "tiangge" store but I ended up  using my only two nail polish..kkkk which is yellow and and blue velvet color. Heehee. I just tried to use the stick I bought at HBC 'cause I don't know what is that for. It just came on my mind to use this stick like a drawing tool. So I just used it to make dots on my yellow painted nails.  This is inspired by a dice ('though our fingers are only five). kkkk.

These are the things. that I used. Yellow nail polish from San San, blue velvet nail polish from Caronia, cue stars from tiangge and the sticks I was talking about. :) (SORRY FOR THE blurry pic :)

And this is my right hand. Sorry for the smudgy sides T.T I am not good in putting nail polish using my left hand.

Since I got newly polished nails, my Korean roommate Jisu did another one for her nails using these population of nail playfuls:

She just used maybe four to five colors here + base coat and quick dry.

My roommate Jisu nail playfuls are mostly Korean products (ofcourse she is a Korean) from THE FACESHOP, ETUDE HOUSE, NATUREPUBLIC and NHM. I ask her if each brand has different price but she said its the same. :) And look what she made:

Amazing, right?? I watched her from she started until she finished it. 
Droooooooooooollll. :)

I ask her why there's a "isolated" finger (nagsosolo), she said that is a point finger. :)
Me: Okay...

After everything it seemed that we had our different worlds. Just put a imaginary wall between us and we were. :) Isn't it??

Spot where I am and write a comment here. :)


PS. Sorry for the late post, there's not enough power supply even if we were using a generator. :(


Sharon said...

Whoo! I like the animal printed and dice-designed nails!!!

Find stregth!!

teen-teen said...

Weeeee. Thanks!!!